Software Development Center

The Challenge

  • A leading software developer needed to consolidate and expand its 200 employee software development operation into a strategic location. 
  • Needed to develop a business plan to maximize economic savings while gaining access to high quality, low cost software developers.
  • After review nearshore and offshore solutions, they focused their efforts in the United States for optimal site performance.

The Solution

  • Established employee profiles for each business unit based on skill sets, educational attainment, industry experience and applicant sources. 
  • 328 metro areas were filtered based on a complex process to identify 4 metro areas for in-depth evaluation.
  • Developed a customized weighting of location variables to evaluate each location based on labor availability, labor costs, business climate, education output, accessibility, real estate and economic incentives.

The Result

  • Negotiated a lease in an emerging tech-centric central business district.
  • Negotiated an economic incentive package in excess of $4.0 million inclusive of refundable tax credits, training grants and parking cost waiver.
  • Achieved labor cost savings in excess of $30,000 per employee over their existing operations.

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