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Manufacturing Operations

We have extensive skills and resources to determine an optimal location strategy for your manufacturing operations.

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As global supply chain changes continue to impact the manufacturing sector, developing a location strategy for your manufacturing operations is more complicated than ever. As a result, companies are tasked with evaluating their supply chain, customer demand, real estate needs, and geographic footprint to optimize their global supply chain strategy.

Site Selection Group has the expertise, skills, and resources to develop and implement the optimal location strategy for your manufacturing operations. By evaluating factors such as labor availability and costs, tax implications, site infrastructure environmental regulations, and economic incentives, our site selection experts will find the best locations for your manufacturing facilities to maximize the return on investment of your location decisions.

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Supply Chain &
Logistics Analysis

Cost Analysis

Operating Cost


Labor Rate


Tax & Business Climate Assessment

Economic Incentive Negotiations

Economic Incentive Compliance

Infrastructure Assessment

Real Estate

Construction & Move Management

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