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Retail Site Selection

We approach retail location strategy development with precise customer analytics and provide a full suite of real estate and economic incentive solutions.

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Retail location strategies have evolved over the years due to factors such as shifts in customer demographics and the rapid growth of e-commerce. As a result, retailers are faced with the need to develop a location strategy enabling them to maximize their growth potential.

At Site Selection Group, we will help you develop a retail location strategy through advanced customer analytics applied to our ability to provide a full suite of real estate and economic incentive solutions. Our team will assist you in knowing who your ideal customer is, where they live, and typical purchasing behaviors while accurately assessing the supply and demand for your product or service for both brick-and-mortar sites and e-commerce solutions.

Our Solutions

Customer Profiling & Segregation


Customized GIS Mapping

Trade Area Mapping & Development

Consumer Demand Analysis

Demographic & Market Data Analysis

Market Potential Analysis

Analysis of Site Impact on Store Network

Real Estate Market Research

Real Estate

Operating Costs Comparison

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