Call Center

The Challenge

  • One of the largest global business process outsourcing firms was pursuing the business of a Fortune 500 company for three new 500 employee call centers. 
  • Needed to identify the top 10 labor markets in the United States for the new contact centers to submit in their proposal. 
  • Needed a partner to secure the real estate and economic incentives at the selected sites once the contract was awarded.

The Solution

  • Developed employee profiles for targeted employee types specific to the customer. 
  • Filtered 930 communities based on a complex process to identify the top 10 metro areas meeting the criteria for the project. 
  • Conducted comprehensive labor analytics, real estate research and economic incentive research to identify the three finalist metro areas for negotiations.

The Result

  • Identified finalist locations in Kentucky, Virginia and Utah.
  • Conducted on-site due diligence in each market to validate the capital investment and operating cost to set up each facility.
  • Secured a 50,000 square foot facility in each of the three markets that allowed for occupancy within less than 90 days.
  • Managed the build-out of each site including design, tenant improvements and furniture installation. 
  • Negotiated and secured economic incentives in excess of $4 million which included cash grants, training reimbursement and refundable tax credits.

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