How do you decide where to locate your business?

With many factors to consider such as labor, customers, logistics, real estate, and economic incentives, it can be very difficult to even know where to begin.

Let our site selection experts help!

Site Selection Group provides advanced location analytics supporting the decision-making process as you seek to maximize the return on investment of your location decisions for new sites and existing facilities. To provide these services at the highest level, we have developed a unique mix of analytical tools, talent, and experience.


Unmatched Location Intelligence

We continually invest in building and maintaining the most robust data sets in the industry, enabling unparalleled global location intelligence on 1,300+ metro areas in 87 countries.


Analytics that Drive Decision-Making

We have developed sophisticated, proprietary analytical models to optimize decision-making at every step. These models are then matched with our market intelligence of geographies to deliver an integrated strategy for your company.


Our Experts Help You Maximum Your ROI

Our location strategists, backed by a mix of objective and subjective research, then support you to optimize your location decisions.

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Key Benefits For Your Company

Understand Labor Conditions

Reduce Operating Costs

Optimize Logistics

Target Your Customers

Identify Your Competition

Maximize Economic Incentives

Minimize Tax Liabilities

Reduce Real Estate Expenses