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IncenTrak® is a web-based software application that enables corporations and economic developers to manage economic incentives and monitor economic incentive conditions across the world.

This cutting-edge system enables you to maximize your ability to realize the value of economic incentives. From customized reporting to critical date management, IncenTrak® empowers you to take control of your economic incentives. Let IncenTrak® take control of your economic incentives and help you save time and money.  Please contact us for a demo of IncenTrak®.

Easy to Use Dashboard

The IncenTrak® dashboard provides an immediate snapshot of your entire portfolio of locations. From critical dates to performance metrics, the dashboard will help you think strategically about how to optimize your economic incentives.

Dashboard Highlights:

  • Simple & Effective UI Design
  • Easy to Learn & Operate
  • Streamlined Data Display
Incentrak dashboard of portfolio of locations
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Incentrak dashboard of detailed program information
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Detailed Program Information

IncenTrak® allows you to track all of your economic incentive program information including job creation, capital investment, forecasted receivables, documents, contacts and other relevant incentive data. You have a single location to quickly find all of your program information.


Track Your Relevant Data:

  • Record Forecasts, Receivables, Data and More
  • Even Faster, Real-Time Analytics
  • Seamlessly Access all Recorded Data

Improved Workflow & Reporting

From email alerts to detailed reporting, IncenTrak® provides the platform to make sure you never miss a critical date again. Assign responsibilities to your team members to minimize your risk of falling out of compliance.


Keeping Departments Connected:

  • Enhance Your Scheduling, Reporting, and Workflow
  • Keep Your Different Systems All Connected
  • Organize Projects and Upgrade Productivity
Incentrak critical date report
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Incentrak portfolio summary report
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Portfolio Summary Reports

The portfolio summary report will provide you with the critical financial information needed for financial planning and budgeting. The report will summarize receivables by economic incentive type including tax abatements, tax credits, training grants and other valuable incentive programs.

Detailed Data, Faster Reporting:

  • Develop Real-time Data Reports
  • Comprehensive Economic Incentive Summaries
  • Precise Analytics for Incentive Programs