Economic Development Consulting

To attract and retain companies within a community, Site Selection Group examines variables ranging from workforce availability and underemployment to economic incentives and real estate availability. We help develop and implement the optimal economic development strategy that meets the unique requirements of your community.

Site Selection Group will evaluate your community and establish economic development strategies yielding the following benefits:

  • Enhanced community competitiveness
  • Growth of employment base and capital investment
  • Attraction of targeted employers
  • Retention and growth of existing employers
  • Industry and economic diversification
  • Increased tax revenue

To achieve these benefits, our experts can provide your community with the following services:

  • Workforce assessment studies
  • SWOT analysis
  • Target industry analysis
  • Industry cluster analysis
  • Organization development and assessment
  • Marketing planning and implementation
  • Underemployment studies
  • Commuter studies
  • Economic impact modeling
  • Real estate planning and evaluation
  • Economic incentive policy development
  • Entrepreneurism evaluation
  • Site assessments and certifications
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