Maximize the Efficiency of Shared Service Centers Through Location Strategies

For corporations looking to drive efficiencies in their back office operations, shared service centers have provided an excellent solution by reducing costs and delivering higher performance for corporate functions like finance and accounting, human resources and IT help desks. The only downside is finding the right location for your shared service center, a task which can be challenging without the right resources and expertise.

At Site Selection Group, we understand you need solutions that address critical location factors such as labor availability and cost, competition saturation, economic incentives and real estate. Our industry-leading location advisory experts have the experience needed to help you develop the optimal location strategy with over 1,000 successful back office projects in domestic, nearshore and offshore geographies.

How We Create Value

  • Increase labor availability
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Decrease employee attrition
  • Improve performance levels
  • Maximize economic incentives
  • Minimize real estate costs
  • Increase Speed-to-market

Our Solutions

  • Labor availability and cost evaluation
  • Competition saturation analysis
  • Workforce supply and demand forecasting
  • Wage surveys
  • Employer interviews
  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Business climate evaluation
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Union impact analysis
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive compliance
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Construction management

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