Distribution Centers

Optimize Your Supply Chain Network Through Location Strategies

The evolution of the global supply chain has introduced new challenges in terms of optimizing a corporation’s supply chain network. It’s more critical than ever to deliver products quicker and at a lower cost in order to remain competitive, but optimizing your supply chain network hinges on critical location factors, such as logistics, transportation costs, labor availability and cost, economic incentives, and real estate at each distribution center in your network. It can be complicated to manage but, with the right resources and expertise, it is possible.

Our experts comprehensively examine crucial aspects from market coverage, transportation networks and inventory deployment to infrastructure, real estate conditions and labor markets in order to help you develop the optimal supply chain network strategy that meets your company’s unique requirements. Through analysis of these factors and careful assessment of your existing supply chain network, we can help you identify optimal locations for your distribution centers.

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Our Solutions

  • Supply chain and logistics network analysis
  • Transportation cost analysis
  • Workforce evaluation
  • Labor rate analysis
  • Employer interviews
  • Business climate assessment
  • Union presence
  • Industry saturation analysis
  • Business climate evaluation
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive administration and compliance
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Construction management
How We Create Value

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Increase access to customers
  • Increase labor availability
  • Reduce real estate costs
  • Maximize economic incentives