Data Centers

Optimize Data Center Location Strategies

The increased demand for data center capacity is creating new challenges for corporations. Not only does it mean they have to seek out new locations to house these data centers; it also means these locations need to meet certain requirements dictated by data center infrastructure. With so many variables to consider, finding the right site can be a real challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Our data center experts help bridge the gap between your data center demand and the site selection process, making the impossible possible. By comprehensively factoring in all variables, from power costs and capacity to real estate infrastructure and tax implications, we’re able to develop and implement the optimal location strategy that meets your unique requirements.

We can help you with evaluate all your options ranging from wholesale and retail co-location rack space to powered shells and large greenfield enterprise sites.

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Our Solutions

  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Power capacity and cost assessment
  • Workforce analysis
  • Tax impact analysis
  • Business climate assessment
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive administration
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Construction management
How We Create Value

  • Reduce power costs
  • Increase power capacity and reliability
  • Minimize disaster risks
  • Minimize tax liability
  • Maximize economic incentives
  • Reduce real estate costs