Call Centers

Optimize Contact Center Location Strategies

The globalization of the contact center industry has changed the way most companies deliver contact center solutions, but it has also created new challenges in terms of balancing the quality of customer interactions with operating costs. Labor availability and cost, language skills, and geographic diversification are just a few of the critical factors now driving location decisions in the industry. In order to optimize the performance of existing or planned contact centers, you need a location strategy that accounts for these and other factors to maximize your return on investment.

Our industry-leading location advisory experts have completed more than 1,000 contact center and back office projects in domestic, nearshore and offshore geographies. With global experience that covers a broad range of industries including telecommunications, financial services, retail, manufacturing, travel, security, healthcare, e-commerce, technology and business process outsourcing, we bring a well-rounded perspective to the decision-making process.

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Our Solutions

  • Labor availability and cost evaluation
  • Workforce supply and demand forecasting
  • Competition saturation analysis
  • Wage surveys
  • Employer interviews
  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Business climate evaluation
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Union impact analysis
  • Home agent analytics
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive compliance
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Construction management
  • Facilities management
How We Create Value

  • Increase labor availability
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Decrease employee attrition
  • Improve performance levels
  • Maximize economic incentives
  • Minimize real estate costs
  • Increase speed-to-market