Call Centers & Back Office Operations

Site Selection Group understands you need solutions that address critical location factors, such as labor availability and cost, competition saturation, economic incentives and real estate. Our industry leading location advisory experts have completed more than 750 call center and back office projects in domestic and offshore geographies. Our experience covers a broad range of industries including telecommunications, financial services, retail, manufacturing, travel, security, healthcare, e-commerce, technology and business process outsourcing.

We can help you evaluate your existing operations and identify new locations providing the following benefits:

  • Improved employee quality
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreased employee attrition
  • Maximized economic incentives
  • Minimized real estate costs
  • Increased speed-to-market

To achieve these benefits, our experts can provide you the following services:

  • Demographic and workforce evaluation
  • Employee segmentation
  • Home agent recruitment analyses
  • Competition saturation analysis
  • Wage surveys
  • Employer interviews
  • Workforce supply and demand forecasting
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Economic incentive negotiations
  • Economic incentive administration and compliance
  • Real estate negotiations
  • Construction management